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Canoas canadienses artesanales

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Authentic wood strip handmade Canadian canoes

Each boat is a unique craft in its type, built with specially chosen woods, and keeping the minimum details in the assembly and finished of the hulls. Selk’nam invites you to enjoy a classic wooden boat, highly ressistant and of easy maintenace.


The different models allow the various uses, good for rivers, lakes and lagoons. Canoes are very versatile: for sports or recreational use, their stability provide canoeists safety and comfort.


Photo gallery

illustration Gambado


Extremely ductile and fast response, is ideal for one or two paddlers.

illustration Fulminante


Originally designed for marine long trips. It is a very stable boat, ideal for two canoeists including gear or a third crew member.

illustration Gran Paraná

Gran Paraná

The Gran Paraná model has its origins in old Algonquin boats distinguished for their incredible stability and a great load-carrying capacity.

illustration Haush


Of great performance and manoeuvrability, it is very stable and develops interesting speed.